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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Buy Pleo?

finger rightPictures, Videos, and more Information on Pleo.
Buy Pleo.

As we await the arrival of Pleo and work on getting the portal ready for you, I will update this blog regularly with interesting bits about Pleo.

There have been several sightings of Pleo being offered for sale or preorder on the Internet at various web sites. At this time you need to ignore those offers for sale. At this time Ugobe has told me that Pleo is not available for preorder. They will make a formal announcement when he is. I suggest that if you are about to buy or preorder a Pleo at this time, send an E-mail off to Ugobe or myself to verify that the outlet offering Pleo is correct in their offer. If you do find an offer that turns out to be invalid please remember that it is probably just an overly enthusiastic distributor, not something malicious.

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