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Monday, June 11, 2007


Does Pleo dream of electric sheep?

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As we await the arrival of Pleo and work on getting the portal ready for you, I will update this blog regularly with interesting bits about Pleo.

Does Pleo dream? Yes! When Pleo's battery pack runs low he gets tired and will then rest in his recharging bed. Unlike other artificial pets, Pleo will think about his day and change in response to what he experienced and how you played with him. Pleo has a tremendous amount of data that he gets from sensors that not only receive stimulus from the outside world, but from his own internal world as well. Sensors that tell him if any part his body is being touched or hurt, if he is upside down or not, and even how much energy is using trying to walk across you floor. Just like us, he needs some peaceful time to process all that information and figure out how to be a better Pleo and face the next day in new and clever ways.

Does he chase tiny butterflies in his dreams and chew happily on an infinite supply of tasty leaves with plenty of other Pleos to play with? Only Pleo will know for sure, but I think he does and I bet you will too!

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