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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Pleo - The baby Camarasaurus dinosaur

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As we await the arrival of Pleo and work on getting the portal ready for you, I will update this blog regularly with interesting bits about Pleo.

Pleo is modeled after a one week old baby Camarasaurus, a gentle plant eating dinosaur from the late Jurassic period. Ugobe used data from fossil records and other scientific techniques to create a detailed model of a how a real Camarasaurus would move and behave. When you see Pleo move you cannot help but be hypnotized by the baby dino's fluid and natural body movements; all of this is the result of Ugobe's commitment to detail and realism.

On a more practical technical note, the ample room proved by the chubby stout body of a baby Camarasaurus makes it a good home for the large amount of sensors and electronics a sophisticated artificial pet like Pleo needs. It is interesting to note that the Camarasaurus had an enlargement of the spinal cord that may have been the site of a second auxiliary brain to help run the huge adult body. An adult Pleo could reach a hefty size of
18 metres (60 feet) in length and weigh up to 19.8 tons. I'm sure nature would pleased to know that this same extra trunk space would come in handy for all technological wonders that packUgobe's lovable little creation.

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