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Friday, August 3, 2007


Behind The Scenes : The Making Of Pleo

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To get us ready for Pleo's release in October 2007 Ugobe has started a series of short videos or Webisodes, the first of which is titled "Behind The Scenes : The Making Of Pleo". It is a great introduction to Pleo since it shows the evolution of Pleo. In this 3 minutes video we see one of the more recent prototypes of Pleo hamming it up for the camera. Next CEO Bob Christopher, Ugobe's CEO and Ugobe co-founder and inventor Caleb Chung give us a peek behind the scenes by showing us rare footage of the making of Pleo. In fact, you will get to see a very old prototype of Pleo without its skin. This revealing scene is followed by another showing a newer Pleo protoype in that same state of undress. A new video will be released on August 17, 2007 and in that video we will be treated to a tour of Ugobe's offices by none other than Caleb himself.

Watch "Behind The Scenes : The Making Of Pleo" which you can also see on Pleo World, Ugobe's Official community site. I suggest you visit Pleo World now. You will be please to find that they have greatly expanded their help and technical documents on Pleo. You will especially delighted to read about Pleo's extensive features and intricate behavior.

Video courtesy of Ugobe's Pleo World

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