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Monday, August 27, 2007


Can Pleo recognize my voice?

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Another question asked by people is whether or not Pleo can recognize their voice. At the current time Pleo does not have voice recognition or speech recognition. Since Pleo is upgradeable, perhaps he (or she) may have either of those capabilities at a later time; but currently the answer is no.

Voice recognition is not the same thing as speech recognition. Speech recognition is what most people are familiar with; where a computer or robot can listen to speech and recognize the words you are saying. Usually these words are turned into commands that make the computer or robot do one particular task or another. Voice recognition is the ability to tell one voice from another. That is, the ability to identify someone by their voice. It is sometimes used as a security mechanism, like the way a password or thumb print is used to identify someone before giving them access to privileged information. In a robot like Pleo's case, it could be used to identify their owner.

People have asked for the voice recognition feature so they could say their Pleo's name and be able to pick their Pleo out of a crowd when it responds to their call. A very cool feature, but not part of Pleo's repertoire at this time.

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