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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Pleo Will Be Customizable

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Soon after Pleo's release, Ugobe intends to release a developer's kit so that others can create fresh content for Pleo. Content will mostly come in the form of new behaviors, including new baby dinosaur movements, and new sounds. Although not confirmed yet, Ugobe may also offer updates themselves. Be careful what you download and install on the SD card you get for Pleo if it comes from third party sources. Ugobe states in the FAQ on PleoWorld that some downloadable content may void Pleo's warranty. (Editor's note: this is my opinion based on my personal experience as a programmer, but such external content might also corrupt Pleo's personality forcing you to reset him. In essence, doing a "brain wipe" and therefore losing the endearing personality he have developed over time and leaving him in the newborn state he arrives in when you unpack him).

Ugobe recommends buying an SD card with at least 32 MB of memory.

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