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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Latest Pleo Webisode shows the external charger

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Caleb Chung, John Sosoka, and engineering manager Dave Page star in the lastest Pleo Webisode that is now up on Pleo World. There is brief footage of children playing with Pleo, but most of the video goes deeper into some of the challenges in manufacturing Pleo. Most importantly, you will get a good look at the external charger and accompanying battery pack, which is part of the new battery charger solution for Pleo. It is good to see the external charger and battery pack because that means the replacement solution for the recently decommissioned internal battery is viable and ready to go.

Ugobe's CEO, Bob Christopher, did say that they had the external charger remedy waiting in the background just in case the internal battery charger did not work out. He also mentioned that the biggest part of the delay caused by the change in the battery charging method is due to getting the necessary clearances from the governmental agencies that certify new consumer products.

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