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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Pleo and Linux

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A recent Linux Devices web article talks about Pleo and Linux. Pleo's core computer technology is based on the venerable ARM processor. According to an older ComputerWorld article:
"(Pleo) It has six microprocessors -- the main one is a 32-bit ARM 7, and there are four subordinate 10-bit Toshiba Corp. processors and an 8-bit image processor from Sunplus Technology Co."
[ Editor's note: The above article is from December of 2006 so some of the technical details about Pleo have changed.]

The main processor, the ARM 7 is rumored to run the Linux operating system apparently. Ugobe's Chief Technology John Sosoka is giving a keynote speech at lunch during the upcoming ARM Developer's Conference. This conference is scheduled for October 2 through 4 of this year. He is expected to demonstrate Pleo at the conference.

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Will the Pleo Dinosaur be programmable?
Ugobe has already indicated plans for an SDK that would allow programmers to customize aspects of Pleo's behavior. But the scope and details of that SDK, including its release date, are unknown at this time.
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