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Thursday, September 6, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - A little baby dino levity!

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Here's a funny picture of Ugobe's CEO Bob Christopher and company co-founder and inventor Caleb Chung at a news conference in Taipei, last December 2006. They were having a little fun with an early Pleo prototype during a news conference, pretending that Pleo had decide to take an extreme interest in Bob's finger! Pleo's charm and playful spirit starts all the way at the top it seems!

Note: Pleo would never bite anyone. In fact, Pleo can't do much more except nibble playfully on your finger like a small puppy or play a gentle game of "tug of war" with you. Please be aware that the Pleo you see in the picture is a very old prototype, before they gave Pleo beautiful new skin, eyes, and body contours.

-- from Keye Chang - (?)

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