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Monday, September 24, 2007


Pleo - Then and Now

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Here's an old video taken from Demo 2006 of Pleo. It is an old video, and you will have to watch a brief commercial before seeing it, but it's an excellent way to see the massive changes that Pleo has undergone since the earlier prototypes. The video is about 3 minutes in length and shows Ugobe CEO Bob Christopher inventor and later co-founder Caleb Chung showing off their new creation. Look at Pleo's skin and eyes in the video and you will immediately see the first of the huge improvements. Pleo's eyes are now a vivid and intricate blue, and the new skin is much more detailed and cuddly. Go to Pleo World's video page to do a comparison and you will be amazed at just how far Pleo has come in such a short time. Pleo World is the official user community site for Ugobe.

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