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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ugobe Webisode 5 - Pleo in the wild!

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This video is my favorite out of the 5 videos published so far by Ugobe, in their latest installment of their "Behind The Scenes" series. The video opens with a new face: Software Manager Tyler Wilson. He talks about Pleo's operating system which Ugobe calls "Life O/S", and how it is open to modification by the user community. He gives two examples of what will be possible such as people making their own sounds for Pleo or even new behaviors. This leads to hilarious short clip of Pleo making a sound like a rooster. Inventor and company co-founder Caleb Chung uses the famous story of "Stone Soup" to illustrate how Pleo's openness as a platform will lead to an even richer experience for owners. He states:
"What better way to evolve a life form than to open the architecture to all of you."
The best part of this video are the scenes of Pleo interacting with people on the city street. The Ugobe folk took Pleo out in to the public on a busy public street and let them pet and play with Pleo. My favorite image is of the woman cradling Pleo in her arms like a baby and declaring loudly how cute the baby dinosaur is. A close contender is the short scene of a little dog timidly interacting with Pleo. Ugobe's CTO John Sosoka drops in for a bit of the discussion too.

It's exciting to know that Pleo, who will be an amazing little friend right out of the box, will only get better and better over time. Click here to watch the video now.

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