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Monday, November 5, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - Make Pleo Your Pawn!

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This one is for all my fellow techies who will be getting Pleos (like myself). Pleo will be customizable in several different ways such as changing Pleo's sounds, etc. This post is talks about Pawn. Pawn is a special programming language with only one purpose. To allow manufacturers like Ugobe to add an easy language to their product for programming purposes. Pawn by itself isn't very useful, but when integrated into a complex robotic toy like Pleo or some other embedded systems platform, it becomes incredibly useful indeed.

Ugobe wants to allow the more technically inclined people the ability to modify Pleo's behavior and other fascinating attributes in an easy, approachable way. If people had to understand Pleo and all his intricate software that is part of the Ugobe's LifeOS, it could take years before anyone was savvy enough to start customizing Pleo with scripts. Also, there would only be a tiny fraction of the customer base with the skills necessary for such modifications, compared to the much larger group of people that can master a simplified scripting language. Pawn gives Ugobe the ability to expose the interesting bits of Pleo that people will want to play with, and hide the more nasty and treacherous programming problems behind the veil offered by the scripting language. There will be many people that will never do Pawn scripting with Pleo. However, by offering an easy to use Pawn based scripting language there will be a large group of people that will do Pawn scripting, and in turn will create tons of interesting Pleo modifications that rest of the Pleo owners can enjoy.

It's going to be an exciting time indeed!

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