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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur visits Good Morning America!

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[UPDATE] It looks like Pleo got bumped due to a breaking news announcement. Good Morning America is going to try for Friday now but it's still "to be determined". I'll update you if I get any further news.

Pleo does his first interview tomorrow on national TV!

I just received news that Pleo is going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow. If you have a Tivo or VCR and you record it, please let me know as I would like to post the a copy of the video on my web site. This national news appearance is sure to make getting a Pleo before the holidays much worse so if you are considering preordering one now would be a good time.

I also got word that some vendors like Hammacher Schlemmer are running low on inventory. I point them out in particular because they have the lowest price on Pleo and more importantly, a product lifetime guarantee that works out to be about 9 years on a Pleo. In their case the warranty is free and they are also offering free shipping right now. But in any case, I would strongly urge you to get an extended warranty from the vendor or store you get one from.

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