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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ugobe Webisode 5 - Pleo in the wild!

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This video is my favorite out of the 5 videos published so far by Ugobe, in their latest installment of their "Behind The Scenes" series. The video opens with a new face: Software Manager Tyler Wilson. He talks about Pleo's operating system which Ugobe calls "Life O/S", and how it is open to modification by the user community. He gives two examples of what will be possible such as people making their own sounds for Pleo or even new behaviors. This leads to hilarious short clip of Pleo making a sound like a rooster. Inventor and company co-founder Caleb Chung uses the famous story of "Stone Soup" to illustrate how Pleo's openness as a platform will lead to an even richer experience for owners. He states:
"What better way to evolve a life form than to open the architecture to all of you."
The best part of this video are the scenes of Pleo interacting with people on the city street. The Ugobe folk took Pleo out in to the public on a busy public street and let them pet and play with Pleo. My favorite image is of the woman cradling Pleo in her arms like a baby and declaring loudly how cute the baby dinosaur is. A close contender is the short scene of a little dog timidly interacting with Pleo. Ugobe's CTO John Sosoka drops in for a bit of the discussion too.

It's exciting to know that Pleo, who will be an amazing little friend right out of the box, will only get better and better over time. Click here to watch the video now.

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Monday, September 24, 2007


Pleo - Then and Now

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Here's an old video taken from Demo 2006 of Pleo. It is an old video, and you will have to watch a brief commercial before seeing it, but it's an excellent way to see the massive changes that Pleo has undergone since the earlier prototypes. The video is about 3 minutes in length and shows Ugobe CEO Bob Christopher inventor and later co-founder Caleb Chung showing off their new creation. Look at Pleo's skin and eyes in the video and you will immediately see the first of the huge improvements. Pleo's eyes are now a vivid and intricate blue, and the new skin is much more detailed and cuddly. Go to Pleo World's video page to do a comparison and you will be amazed at just how far Pleo has come in such a short time. Pleo World is the official user community site for Ugobe.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Robot Magazine - Pleo article

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It's an older piece but Robot Magazine has a solid overview article of the Pleo Dinosaur. The article includes:
The article is done in interview style with inventor and co-founder Caleb Chung, CEO Bob Christopher, and CTO John Sosoka answering the questions of the Robot Magazine interviewer. They discuss some of the challenges in bringing a baby Camarasaurus dinosaur to life in the form of an animated character, incarnated as an artificial pet. They also share some of the insights that led to various important design decisions. It's an excellent read and I recommend getting a subscription to their printed magazine.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Latest Pleo Webisode shows the external charger

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Caleb Chung, John Sosoka, and engineering manager Dave Page star in the lastest Pleo Webisode that is now up on Pleo World. There is brief footage of children playing with Pleo, but most of the video goes deeper into some of the challenges in manufacturing Pleo. Most importantly, you will get a good look at the external charger and accompanying battery pack, which is part of the new battery charger solution for Pleo. It is good to see the external charger and battery pack because that means the replacement solution for the recently decommissioned internal battery is viable and ready to go.

Ugobe's CEO, Bob Christopher, did say that they had the external charger remedy waiting in the background just in case the internal battery charger did not work out. He also mentioned that the biggest part of the delay caused by the change in the battery charging method is due to getting the necessary clearances from the governmental agencies that certify new consumer products.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Pleo and Linux

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A recent Linux Devices web article talks about Pleo and Linux. Pleo's core computer technology is based on the venerable ARM processor. According to an older ComputerWorld article:
"(Pleo) It has six microprocessors -- the main one is a 32-bit ARM 7, and there are four subordinate 10-bit Toshiba Corp. processors and an 8-bit image processor from Sunplus Technology Co."
[ Editor's note: The above article is from December of 2006 so some of the technical details about Pleo have changed.]

The main processor, the ARM 7 is rumored to run the Linux operating system apparently. Ugobe's Chief Technology John Sosoka is giving a keynote speech at lunch during the upcoming ARM Developer's Conference. This conference is scheduled for October 2 through 4 of this year. He is expected to demonstrate Pleo at the conference.

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Friday, September 14, 2007


Caring For Pleo

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Pleo is without a doubt an adorable little artificial pet, but he still contains sophisticated electronics and circuits. This means that although it is fun to think about treating him or her like a little dog or cat, there are a few things you just can't do. For example, never give Pleo a bath. Ugobe's Pleo World site, in their frequently asked questions section clearly states:
"Please heed all cautionary statements contained in the companion guide, including all electrical warnings and handling instructions. To clean Pleo, use only a damp cloth and a light hand. Do not use soap or any other cleaning agents. Please do not attempt to make any mechanical repairs yourself as this will automatically void the warranty."
Pleo is very durable and fun to play with, but take care and understand that internally there are delicate items that should be handled with care. After all, it's only a baby!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Pleo Battery Pack Now Removable, Incurs Slight Shipping Delay

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During play testing Ugobe discovered that Pleo would not charge properly and this lead to a reduction in play time from the originally specified one hour. Instead of forcing Pleo out the door with a limitation that would frustrate Pleo owners, Ugobe has bit the bullet and is doing the hard thing. They are delaying Pleo's release but only slightly, and most importantly Pleo will still be ready for shipment by the holiday season.

This however has led to a major feature upgrade for Pleo that answers a specific request made by play testers and Pleo fans alike. Pleo will now use an external battery charger and support a removable battery pack. This means that if you purchase an extra battery pack or two, you can have many more hours of play than the originally specified one hour; simply by swapping out the exhausted battery pack with a freshly charged one.

Here is the E-mail from inventor and Ugobe co-founder Caleb Chung, that explains the decision:
Dear Pleo™ Fans,

During pre-production testing, the UGOBE™ team encountered some significant problems with Pleo's battery life. We solved these problems in a way that I think you will appreciate: all Pleos, including First Hatch Pleos, are now designed to have an easily removable battery and an external charger for the battery. That means that with multiple batteries and chargers, you can keep Pleo going for hours on end. However, implementing this design change will delay production. We are working hard to make sure everyone who has ordered a Pleo will receive one by the holidays.

I know how much you are looking forward to having Pleo in your life so I know this delay is frustrating. At the same time, I hope that you are as excited as I am about this design change. I'll post some video or photos soon, so you can see it yourself. Your enthusiasm for Pleo continues to be an inspiration as we work through these challenges to deliver the life form we've all been waiting for.

We'll update you in a few weeks - as soon as we know more about when we can ship. If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQs below. And make sure to stop by to see our new webisodes and participate in forum discussions.

Caleb Chung


Q: How does the external battery and charger work with Pleo?

A: The battery goes in the same place in Pleo as before (his belly), except that now it is designed to be removed easily and frequently. Once removed, the battery is charged in the external charger, then placed back in Pleo once fully charged.

Q: Why did you change to the external charger design?

A: As we neared production, we encountered some difficulties with Pleos charging consistently. Combined with the input you have given us about wanting multiple batteries that were easy to remove and charge, we decided that solving our charging problems and answering the call for an external charger was paramount.

Q: Why are you delaying shipment?

A: In pre-production testing we encountered problems getting Pleo to charge correctly. Implementing design changes to resolve the charging issue has led to the delay. We're working hard to make sure everyone who has ordered a Pleo will receive one by Christmas time.

Q: What do you mean when you say that Pleo will arrive "by the holidays"?

A: Integrating the necessary changes into the Pleo design has pushed back production, and we are unable to ship Pleo in October as planned. However, you will receive your Pleo by Christmas time. We felt it was best to let you know of the delay as soon as possible.

Q. Can I still order a Pleo and receive it before Christmas?

A: After the success with pre-orders, has completely sold out of Pleos, however our retail partners still have Pleo allocations available.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - A little baby dino levity!

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Here's a funny picture of Ugobe's CEO Bob Christopher and company co-founder and inventor Caleb Chung at a news conference in Taipei, last December 2006. They were having a little fun with an early Pleo prototype during a news conference, pretending that Pleo had decide to take an extreme interest in Bob's finger! Pleo's charm and playful spirit starts all the way at the top it seems!

Note: Pleo would never bite anyone. In fact, Pleo can't do much more except nibble playfully on your finger like a small puppy or play a gentle game of "tug of war" with you. Please be aware that the Pleo you see in the picture is a very old prototype, before they gave Pleo beautiful new skin, eyes, and body contours.

-- from Keye Chang - (?)

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Sunday, September 2, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - New Ugobe Webisode

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Ugobe has published out their latest Webisode in their series called "The Making Of Pleo". The current episode is titled "John Sosoka and The Science Of Colloboration" and it stars:

Despite the fact that the technology involved with Pleo is revolutionary and amazing, Ugobe places the emphasis squarely on the people involved. It's a delight seeing all the Pleos peppered about the labs; some in playful motion while others just stand in various poses awaiting their turn to play. John, Eric & Eric, and Caleb all take turns describing the interesting techniques used in making Pleo's personality and architecture.

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