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This page is an index into the Pleo Dinosaur! blog.  It shows the most popular blog posts with a short blurb that tells you what the topic or topics the post covered.

  • Pleo the baby Camarasaurus dinosaur - Tells you what kind of dinosaur was used to model Pleo and interesting basic facts about the Camarasaurus and how they apply to Pleo.

  • Pleo’s battery life - Important details concerning how long Pleo’s battery lasts, how long it takes to recharge, and whether or not it is replaceable.

  • Pleo’s touch sensors - fascinating discussion of Pleo’s highly advanced capacitive touch sensors and how they make Pleo such a responsive little pet.

  • Pleo’s adaptive and evolving Personality - perhaps the most important post of all. Talks about how Pleo’s personality adapts and changes over time as Pleo interacts with his environment and you.

  • Pleo’s nasal camera - tells you about the camera embedded in Pleo’s little green nose and what Pleo can (and cannot) do with it.

  • Pleo’s ability to be customized - a summary of what may end up being the most powerful and exciting Pleo feature; the ability to be customized. Touches on Ugobe’s plans to allow third parties to create new behaviors, sounds, and other personality enhancements which will be downloadable from their Pleo World web site. Pleo World is Ugobe’s official user community site.

  • Pleo’s body and gears - goes into detail on the design decisions and features that Pleo so appealing to the ears and eyes.  Talks about Ugobe’s decision to use custom metal gears which are more expensive than plastic, and the extraordinary lengths Ugobe went to make Pleo’s skin, body, and eyes so life like.

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