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Saturday, June 9, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - Herd Behavior

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As we await the arrival of Pleo and work on getting the portal ready for you, I will update this blog regularly with interesting bits about Pleo.

Pleo will not only be a really smart baby dinosaur, but he will also be a very social dino too. Pleo will interact with other Pleos using infrared signals. This group behavior or herd technology will allow a group of Pleos to do some really fun things when they come in contact with each other. First, the group will converse and appoint one of the Pleos to be the alpha leader. The alpha leader can then share tricks he has learned while living with you and interacting with you, with the other Pleos in the group. The little Pleos can even catch a cold from each other. So if your Pleo is sneezing, other Pleos that come in contact with him might start sneezing too!

A little bit of fun today. Below is a video taken at
the sculpture museum in Hakone, Japan. It shows giant animatronic dinosaurs moving, roaring, and entertaining the crowd of museum patrons that came to see them.

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