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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - The Nose Camera

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As we await the arrival of Pleo and work on getting the portal ready for you, I will update this blog regularly with interesting bits about Pleo.

Just a clarification. There have been rumors circulating the web that Pleo has a camera in his nose and that he can recognize faces with it. He does have a camera in his nose, but when I last contacted ShiftComm, Ugobe's talented public relations agency, they told me that he can not recognize faces with it. It is used to help Pleo get a feel of his surroundings, but not to identify a particular person's face.

Pleo is an amazing achievement in advanced robotics and computing technology. He can do many things like learn, sleep, and dream (in his own pet baby dino way). But make sure you check out any claims you hear about what the clever little dino can do for technical accuracy.

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